Having officially announced it a couple of months ago, Björn Dunkerbeck has been gathering some serious momentum behind his Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge (DSC) tour. Supported by Red Bull and a host of other big name sponsors, the first stop of the tour will take place at Matas Blancas in Fuerteventura. An extremely flat spot with strong powerful winds throughout the entire course will play host to some of the fastest windsurfers on Earth.

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We caught up with Björn for the low-down, where he revealed that the event "will not only host the Canarian Speed Championships on the first weekend but it will also combine the official ISWC European Championships with the main DSC event", which is most certainly an exciting development for the DSC Tour crew.

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If you haven't already looked into it, then we are pretty sure one or two more reasons just cropped up as to why you might want to consider getting your entry in. Stay tuned for more as we speak with a few of those who have already signed up, including Anders Bringdal and Jurjen van der Noord, plus we will have more from the main man himself - Björn Dunkerbeck.

Find out more on the facebook page - facebook.com/DunkerbeckGPSspeedchallenge

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Don't forget there are categories for all ages and levels, the aim is to get people in to speed sailing, so you really will have a chance to probe the best guys in the world about how to tune your own gear to go faster. Don't miss it.