Competing in a wave event for the first time can be a daunting experience. So what more than to hear about that experience first hand from someone about to compete in their countries national wave championships. Boardseeker brings you live updates from Nick van Ingen who will take part in the Dutch Nationals this very weekend. You can read all the live updates that Nick will be posting throughout the event, as and when they happen, at the bottom of this page. Find out what conditions meet the riders as they reach the beach, what sail and board sizes they will be taking and who advances right on through to the finals.

Nick out in the early swell that arrived yesterday

From the inside we've heard that there are two people who have strong prospects to make the top spot, both have, or still do, compete on the PWA and both will be fighting hard to become their national champion. Peter Volwater and Kevin Meevisen are certainly these two favourites for the competition but never forget the locals, the guys who always windsurf at home are sometimes the ones ready to cause the biggest upsets.

Over to Nick who will begin updating from Sunday morning, just check the posts below.