After some 30 competitors signed up for the €3000 tow-in event here in Brouwersdam and with 3 full qualification rounds finally complete the top 10 have now been announced for today's finals.

Highlight moves from the tow-in included a perfect skopu from Antoine Albert, a triple funnel from Rick Jendrusch and a clean double culo from Adam Sims. With such high level moves we can expect an action packed final. It's possible to watch it live but unfortunately there is no commentary and just one camera angle, it's more a webcam than a live stream but if that's your thing then check it out by clicking here. Proceedings will commence at about 17:00 local time.

For now here are a few highlight pictures and a couple of moves we managed to dig up from around the web.

Steven Van Broeckhoven nails a perfect air funnel into burner.

Adam Sims with a culo on his first run.

Marco Lufen going down hard.

The top 10 to make it into the final are:

Adam Sims

Nico Akgazciyan

Julien Mas

Hugo De Sousa

Steven Van Broeckhoven

Davy Scheffers

Dieter Van Der Eyken

Adrien Bosson

Antoine Albert

Rick Jendrusch