Conditions were by no means epic but still the freestylers are able to put on a show at each and every event all thanks to the rise and rise of tow-in windsurfing. With no more than an hours wind during the event, the crew decided that the trophies for the event would be decided by way of a tow-in showdown. Stepping up to the plate were many of the usual big freestyle names; Adrien Bosson, Adam Sims, Amado Vrieswijk, Yentel Caers and more... In the end the decision came down to the wire with both Bosson and Sims sharing equal 52 points out of a possible 60, unfortunately for Sims (who stuck the first spock into culo in competition) Bosson stole it with a 2-1 decision, nailing this perfect air funnel into super stylish one handed burner that we filmed.

Check out the event video below.

Adrien Bosson nailed this perfect air funnel into one handed burner to narrowly win the tow-in at EFPT Croatia last week. Check more here:

Posted by Boardseeker International on Monday, 17 August 2015