The official press is now out, here is a short interview from Matt Pritchard with Eleazar about joining the team. You can also check out his latest video below.


MP: Welcome to Gaastra/Tabou for 2013, what are your plans for this upcoming season?

EA: My plans for the this season are PWA, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Denmark and Germany. Sailing every day and make more photos and videos and be always in internet and magazines.

MP: Tell us about the new gear- what are your thoughts of the new boards and sails?

EA: These are the best boards and sails I have used ever. The sail is perfect for jumping and the board is fun in the waves.

MP: You have been a pro since 2005, what do you think it takes to become World Champion?

EA: More faith in myself and improve the surfing.

MP: What are you favourite conditions?

EA: My favourite conditions are 3,7 sail and logo high waves.

MP: What is one place that you have always wanted to windsurf but have not yet been to?

EA: I have always wanted to windsurf in South Africa, in Cape Town.

MP: Good luck out there- anything you want to say to your fans?

EA: I just want to have my own style jumping and surfing and also that the people get enjoy my videos and photos.