A big step for the European Freestyle Pro Tour who have re-bounded with their biggest season in years and now with the first ever European Ladies title firmly secured for the Dam-X Festival, we can expect an exciting tour packed with action.


BS: EFPT Ladies Championships, how does that sound?

AA: Sounds amazing! Think it's great that there is going to be a step in between competing on national level to straight away attending a PWA event. When I talk to girls about competing it seems that for most of them it feels like a very big step to take and hopefully this will motivate more girls to compete!


BS: Will you be attending and if so what are you looking forwards to about it?

AA: Yes, I will be attending! I have never been to an EFPT event, I will look forward to be part of it. It's so nice that there is a big event like this in Holland again and I'm very thankful to Brouwersdam that they are organizing such a big event again and of course I'm hoping for some good wind.


BS: Who would you recommend to come along, as in what level and why is it a good opportunity for any windsurfing girls out there?

AA: I think it's a good opportunity for girls who like to get more into competing to join this event. They will meet other girls, there is always such a nice atmosphere between all of us and I think with the flat water it will be a good place to get experience in competition. I think if you are able to do a vulcan, spock and sail tricks like downwind 360's and bodydrag then you have the level to participate.