Between the 5th and 17th of June Lanzarote hosted another of the Fanatic Camps with Yoli and Tom De Brendt. We plucked a few photos of the camp from the interweb through various means and got some words about the event from the centre owners where the camp was held.

"Windsurfing at Lanzarote? Of course!! Most of our clients at the Fanatic Windsurf Camps Lanzarote, from the 5th-17th of June, the soon to be rippers arrived to the most northerly Canarian Island from Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Germany, England, Switzerland, Netherlands and Austria. Some had never heard about Lanzarote as a windsurf destination and were even more surprised by the amazing conditions we got, as well as the really diverse conditions of the spot at Las Cucharas. We were happy to again host our camps at the Windsurfing Club Las Cucharas, a Fanatic 'The Boarderscenter'. 12 Days of sailing, theory, exercises, video analysis, photoshoots and much more, plus many great moments shared with our very international group made for 12 incredibly nice days with a great atmosphere. It was nice to be here again and in 2014 we will be back with more camps! So donĀ“t forget to check our dates at"