On the opening day of the 2015 PWA World Tour in Leucate, France, Gollito Estredo rocked the crowds to claim victory in the tow-in qualifications. Whilst the wind didn't show the PWA were not halted in their attempts to please the growing crowds and swiftly signed up a number of the competitors to provide some high-octane close up action.

There were all the thrills and spills, including huge moves in the light winds and small waves, not least the astonishing height of Tonky Frans who launched into an air skopu that seemed to defy the laws of gravity, unfortunately becoming a little stuck up on the landing it was a later move that proved fruitful for him.

Other excitement saw Adam Sims open up his campaign with burner 720 which was very much on the beach, again the conditions were proving tricky and Sims also stuck a later move to see him through to the finals towards the end of this week.

One last highlight saw Bonaireian Flo Weger come flying into the beach only to have his mast snap on him at the moment of take off, as a result he spun through the move with the mast flapping behind.


The Brazilian sensation Hugo De Sousa managed to pass through to the final despite only every competing in tow-in three times in his life.


The first Frenchman to make it to the final was Anthony Ruenes who pushed hard to finally progress with a burner 720.


Making it into the final was also fellow Frenchman Nico Akgazciyan, who wowed the crowds with a burner 720 of his own, however his back foot flew out of the straps and he showed immense skill and control to keep the move relatively clean.


In equal second place Tonky Frans nailed a smooth air funnel to claim 21.5 points. Unfortunately his enormous air skopu saw him drop the rig on the landing, surely a move that would have earned him the top spot. Nonetheless his outstanding pop earned him a place for the finals later this week.


UK freestyler Adam Sims took the other side of the equal second result by showing some interesting variation, not only did he try a regular kono but he also landed a forward loop.


Of course it was none other than the 6x World Champion himself who won the first qualification. Landing a perfect burner 900 on his opening move he let himself go a little on the final two runs. There was some debate amongst the riders about his second run where he appeared to try a sw kono 360 with a tail grab, although many saw it a skopu crash. Either way he made his statement and will certainly be the one to watch for come the finals.