Whilst training in the competition area this evening Gollito suffered a minor setback in the form of an injury to his knee.

Gollito escorted to the car and off to the physio and perhaps hospital...

During what is a standard move for the five time world champion, Gollito may have pushed it just a step too far as he crashed a regular stance kono and twisted his knee.

At first Kiri Thode was seen talking to him on the water after the two had had a slight 'battle' on the water, trying to one-up each other in the light evening winds. Kiri offered his help to the Venezuelan but Gollito was happy to body drag his way in. Once on the beach many of his team mates ran to his assistance and he was soon whisked off to a physiotherapist with North Sails team manager Jonas Schmit and good friend Tom De Brendt.

Check out the gallery below and stay tuned to see if Gollito will be on the water come competition on Sunday.