After a week long battle Gonzalo Costa Hoevel has come out on top at the 2015 Formula World Championships in the Azores. With 12 races in total and four taking place on the final day, it would have taken a fairly dramatic event for Gonzalo not to take the title. No stranger to the podium, Costa Hoevel has stepped up in previous years, however this is the first time he's managed to crack the top spot and with such resounding success.

Meanwhile the real battle stood between the young danish rider Sebastian Kornum and seasoned veteran Janis Preiss from Latvia. It all came down to the last race on the last day. Early in the day Kornum had taken what he thought was a bullet in the 9th race but was later deemed to be over early and he had not realised his mistake until the finish where he was disqualified. Not phased by this result he took a bullet in the next race and kept the battle open. Heading into the 12th race it was all to play for between the two, in the end Preiss crossed the line ahead of Kornum to take second overall.

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At the end of the day it was Gonzalo who showed that he was the man to beat after scoring countless first places. He was so far ahead he wouldn't have needed to take part in the final three races and still would have been crowned champion. In the end he counted only bullets, discarding one third and two fourths.


"The event just finished and I manage to win it!!!! So I am really happy!!! I had five Formula World Championships podiums and finally I got to the top spot!!!! I scored 9 bullets, a 3rd and two 4ths. Thanks very much everyone for the good vibe and support messages!! I want to dedicate this achievement to my wife Delfi Gainza and to a great friend which is not here with us any more, Alby Menegatti ITA4! Legends never die!" - Gonzalo Costa Hoevel quoted on his facebook page.

Tomorrow is last day of competitionHOEVEL on the lead of 2015 Azores Formula Windsurfing Championship in Praia da Vitória - Azores

Posted by Media 9 on Saturday, 11 April 2015

Head back later when we will have a short interview from Gonzalo.