Fiona Wylde, who charges 24/7 and it scares me - Bernd Roediger

It's a big call and will certainly be no smooth road but the young Fiona Wylde has been turning heads on the AWT Tour recently and not least for her windsurfing ability. She's also taken to SUP like a duck to water and is certainly on the right transition to becoming a successful future star in our sport. Just check out this super nice SUP edit from Peru featuring the young lady herself alongside Bernd Roediger and Kai Bates.

Speaking ot our sister site,, Fiona announced:

"Recently I received a perfect opportunity that I was not going to pass up. I couldn’t have imagined being on the Goya Windsurfing team a couple years ago along with my heroes, Levi Siver, Brawzinho, Keith Teboul, Bernd Roediger, and Francisco Goya. Signing with a company dedicated to wave sailing and traveling the world looking for perfect waves has been a dream come true.

“I am so thrilled to announce my new partnership with Goya Windsurfing."

Edit by Forrest Ladkin