For those in love with speed then it looks like the GT-31, the current most popular speed GPS, just hit a slight bump in the road with this possible alternative.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 19.01.03

So what do we know about the GW-52. Well it's got 8 hours of battery life and it uses both 5hz and/or 1hz for data logging with 6hrs and 33hrs of recording time respectively. It's got USB download and charging, so you could plug it into your car no doubt and it logs the doppler speed, positional data, accuracy data with full speed genie feedback.

Some official news from

"As promised we have some interessting news on the GPS Devices. Last month we discussed some scenario's for the succesor of the GT-31. Today the developer of the GT-31 has announced the GW-52. The products is not yet on the market, but will be there very soon (February 2015) . Our tech guys did some testing with beta's devices in an earlier stage, and besides some minors we expect that the GW-52 will be fully approved for So that's good news for everybody who is looking for a replacement for the GT-31 or wants to buy a new device to start GPS Windsurfing.... We will keep you posted in the next weeks about the official release date, availability & approval!"

That's all for now but we will bring you more as we know it.

Ah and word is that the price will be similar to the old GT-31.