For the first time in a long time the dominance of the likes of Jaggi and Ghibaudo has been broken on the race course. Last year Sarah-Quita Offringa stepped into the slalom scene and caused a massive shock, with blistering speed to young Aruban took the event title in Turkey and lead the way for a wave of younger female riders.

Delphin Cousin

In Turkey again this year the women showed they are a force to be reckoned with, 22 of them taking to the water to race. And not only are the numbers increasing, but so is the level of the newer racers. Again Offringa showed she has the pace and tactics to take the event win, but just behind her, pushing her all the way was Delphine Cousin.

Some may think Cousin as a relative unknown, however this former youth slalom world champion already has years of excellent results to show. With only two events to count Cousin has been crowned world champion with an incredible two second positions.

Did she win because the likes of Jaggi and Ghibaudo messed up? They both made mistakes, including over earlies. With these two at the top of their game, could Cousin have taken the overall title?

Women's racing in Alacati

Without a doubt the mistakes of others helped Cousin to her title. but we are sure that it was of course her training and excellent racing that gave her the title. It seems like we are entering a new stage of women's windsurfing, with new title winners and more competitors, we can only hope that next year the women are rewarded with more events to race and compete at to showcase their skills.