Strong Bura winds during the night caused for an early day on the second competition day. After analyzing several forecast yesterday night the skippers meeting was set for 7:30 am with winds still reaching up to 20 knots. The single elimination for Youths was scheduled first followed by the Juniors who were all excited to get the battles started.

ifca eu day 2_ by hana dutina (38 of 47)

Youths Highlights:

Italian Francesco Cappuzzo performed well with powerfull new school tricks but was beaten by Belgian Mattijs lasore in the battle for third. Mattijs performed a great routine with a nice viriety of normal stance and switch stance manouvers.

Final heat was between Steven Max from Aruba and the Italian Giovanni Passani who was sailing really well today with moves such as one handed burners, switch kono's and high shakas but Steven Max his move list was just a bit more including Punch, double flakas and a variation of technical moves wich led to a solid overall impression score sheet.

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Juniors Highlights:

Mattijs Lasore from Belgium kept his routine and won against the Russian Kostya Smirnoff who unfortunitely did not accomplished some of his high scoring manouvers in the battle for third. David Schiebel from Austria had a great day and made it to the final rounds facing the Arubian Steven Max who once again performed with a greater amount of tricks on each tack.

After both eliminations were sailed the wind started to drop down just like the local forecast predicted. The double elimination started but the wind was not strong enough to continue with an official competition. The Race director decided to run the double of the Pro Kids U15 age group category. The rider of today was the local star Tvrtko Ljutic who propably had the most fun showing of his manouver and advancing heat after heat with board and sail trick combinations, backwind sailing and a nose ride. Mats Moyson from Belgium managed to show more technical skills and advances to the final to meet with the Italian Nicolo Tagliafico. The wind got even lighter and the final heat was cancelled, competitors were on standby throughout the afternoon but the wind did not return.

It was a great day full of action followed by a roller skating show and a hockey game demonstration in the event tent with local kids from the region

The forecast for tomorrow looks light and the skippers meeting is set for 10am

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Youth Results single 1:

1. Steven Max

2. Giovanni Passani

3. Mattijs Lasore

4. Francesco Cappuzzo

Junior Results single 1:

1. Steven Max

2. David Schiebel

3. Mattijs Lasore

4. Kostya Smirnoff

IFCA/ Class Rep Ruben Petrisie

Images: Hana Dutina