The Wesh centre have just held another King of the Wesh slider competition, where some amazing freestylers took to the kickers. Here's a gallery from the action and a short report from Julien Taboulet, we can't wait for the video!

"With only one morning of wind on 3 days, we had anyway the time to test the new EXOPARKS box straight away, with a winch, a big show.

That's simple, you keep the handle with your front arm, the boom with the other one, and you shoot the slider at the best you can! Some good boardslides, big crashes, on a glassy water, a dreamy original session...

"The next morning, the tramontana was blowing strongly but for only few hours, so we had to put in express the kicker for a jump session.

Nico Akgazciyan has showed all his talent on nice back and frontloops, shaka and crazy pete attempt, fat! Alan Arnaud had some good fly too, without forgetting the commitment of Brian and Romain...;)

"On my side, no time to kick, the wind has just dropped so fast... But no problem, it's windy right now since few days, and we are on a mission to ride the EXO box, for always pushing more the windsurf in another dimension!

"The video is coming soon, I don't tell you more...

One more time a big big thanks to EXOPARKS "" for this wonderful slider, Matahi jus for the "power" that they gave to the riders on the beach, and Ride Production, Fab Castillas & Hugo for the photo & video shooting."