On the 3rd to the 11th August the Indian Ocean Windsurfing Championships will take place on the tropical island of Mauritius. If you fancy combining the thrill of competition with a trip to windsurfing paradise then scan the skies for a cheap flight and get yourself there. Check out more details in the event poster below, on their facebook page and in the event preview from Starboard (also below).


An island. A man. And a dream. Mauritius. Every windsurfer knows the name. Few know the exact location. Fewer still, the real potential. Scattered like pebbles in the Indian Ocean beyond Madagascar, 2000 kilometers off the east coast of Africa, Mauritius is barely visible on most maps. In reality, it’s a tropical four island nation, with a total area just larger than Maui alone. Yet, with a multicultural population of over 1.2 million, it’s hardly deserted. Everyone knows it’s French, right? Well, not really. Portuguese, then Dutch arrived before the French. By 1810, the British took control, and Mauritius is in fact now a Commonwealth nation.

Warm water, white sandy beaches ringed by wide tropical lagoons and outside reef breaks lie under clear blue skies, while steady trade winds cool the island and provide an ideal water-sports environment. One doesn’t have to travel too far around Mauritius to discover this truly is a windsurfing paradise. Booming in the heyday of windsurfing, Mauritius almost forgot the fun of the sport that was their ideal. Riders grew older, built careers, families and years rolled by while old gear rotted unused. Perfect East Coast conditions went untouched day after day. Hardly believable in a crowded world.

Thirty years ago, Chris Tyack was just one of hundreds of thousands of riders riding the massive wave of excitement that was windsurfing. Like many, life moved on and a business, a beautiful Mauritian wife, a new daughter and some casual kiting replaced the board and sail he once spent such fun times on...

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