Amado Vrieswijk recently took featured in our features with this cracking interview, click here to check it out. At the moment he is currently charging in Alacati, even making it to the final rounds on two occasions now. We caught up with him for a few words about his performance so far.


Over to Amado...

Yeah all is well here in Alacati. I already had a good start of the event, both my starts and heats went very well in the first and fourth round. I was on my Starboard Isonic 110 and Severne Reflex 7.8. The wind was ok. Unfortunately in the losers final Buzianis bumped into me and I fell. I missed a chance but felt great with my first ever (losers)-final.

In round 2, I fell in my first heat at buoy no. 1 and came a few inches short at the finish, resulting in a 5th.

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Round 3 was a bummer. The wind was very patchy and I took the wrong equipment out. With the 110 and 7.8 I was underpowered and wasn't able to qualify for the next round.

Round 4 went great again and I managed to progress all the way to the final hearts. It was the loser final again but it's nice to see I can compete right up in the top spots sometimes. I think the freestylers who slalom have an advantage sometimes on the gybes, and this is where you win or lose a lot of ground.

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More rounds to come and I'm here to learn and gain experience. These are the lessons. Also in addition to this, I can say that the event here in Alacati is very well organised and equipment storage is great. I have a good time with Taty Frans and looking forward to the next competition days with such a great forecast.