Kurosh Kiani is one of those guys on the tour who can really pull it out the bag to stick solid results when he needs it. However, when you take a 'tumble' in your opening heat and injury threatens not just the event but the rest of the season it can be a hard fight, not just physically but psychologically. If you are unsure what we are rattling on about then check out the words from Kurosh himself over the next couple of pages.


Over to Kurosh...

The contest in Alacati is usually the one I look the most forward to throughout the year. I always have a good state of mind here, so I was pretty happy to land here in Alacati a couple of days before the start of the PWA world cup. There wasn't much wind, so most of the time was spent preparing my gear and having all the practical stuff in order.

On the first day of the competition I was in the first heat. I will admit I was a tiny bit rusty and was left fighting for fourth place. In one of the reaches, I really hammered it and I got this weird gust of wind that lifted me out of the water. After that I´m not sure what happened other than me taking a massive tumble. The first thing I noticed was that I had a terrible pain in my knee, right hand and right ankle. The rescue boat came over and pulled me out of the water totally disoriented. I then assessed the equipment damage. My extension had broken in two pieces and my board was snapped. My big board!!,, in flat water!!. Not sure how I managed that, but I know that it was painful.

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I got in, quickly got set up with a spare board, got my 8,6 re rigged and was pretty much ready for battle again after the medical staff had a look at me. I had cuts and bruises here and there, but other than that I felt OK. Then as time progressed, the pain got worse and worse! I got through one heat, and then in the next round I had nothing in me left to fight with and stacked it once more at the first gybe mark. Broken in every sense I sailed back to shore, packed up and went for dinner.

As the evening progressed the pain got worse and worse, and at night time the pain was nearly unbearable. I managed to get through the night, then found a doctor who looked at it and said it was nothing serious, just bruising. I then got some injections, and hope that I am able to rest the whole day and be able to come back one of the next days.

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The season is long, and to have an injury now is a hard one. I am meant to compete in all of the PWA slalom world cups along with selected events back in Denmark. My main focus this year has been to improve myself on the race course which I have done but still not on a stable level. Definitely something to work on, but it would be hard to achieve with a busted knee.