Is there a new generation rising through the ranks in PWA slalom at the moment? It certainly looks like a few names are beginning to make their mark, but it remains to be answered, who will make the first podium. One such person could well be Tristan Algret. The 2013 PWA Youth Slalom World Champion has had an absolutely blinding start in Alacati and could well find himself up there sooner than any of us expected. We caught up with the youngster for a few quick questions.


Over to Algret...

So far you have had a great event in Turkey, did you do anything different since Fuerteventura to train for this or do you just prefer the conditions in Turkey?

I did my first loser's final already in Fuerte this year with the medium gear and I saw it was possible. I arrived on this event without pressure and with one week of full training with the loftsail's team in Bodrum during the international riders meeting at the LENA ERDIL windsurf center. We worked a lot on our starts and gybes! I think the work we did is really helping a lot already.


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You are currently sitting in a top 5 place (after round 4), what was your aim coming into this event?

I'm happy to be on the top 5 but for the moment I'm not interested by the general ranking I take race after race and I do my best for each of them.

There are still some days left, what will you do to hold onto this position?

I do my best for each race and I'll continue like that


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You were youth slalom world champion last year, we imagine your goal is the same this year or do you aim higher?

yes I was and I do My best to do the same this year too, but Jordy Vonk is really strong. My real goal is to enter on the top 20 we will see at the end of the season

For any younger guys and girls out there, what top tips would you give them to get into slalom racing and the PWA world tour?

I think you have to be focus on the present and not on the past or the future.