We grabbed hold of the EFPT's Fanatic/North contingent that is Mattia Fabrizi and Max Rowe for a few quick words about their year and their expectations for the event.

Boardseeker: After competing in Russia you are both now here in France for the final stop of the EFPT, how's the event looking for you and what are your expectations?

Max: The event is looking tough, lots of really top french guys here and I'm hoping to hold on to my top 5 place in the overall for this year.

Mattia: Sunny, good sun. Last year was good for me, so I hope to do the same this year. I'm sitting in 9th and hope to improve on this a bit.

Boardseeker: Being in France, Tow-In is clearly on the agenda, are you taking part and have you got any special moves planned?

Max: Yeah I think I will take part, nothing new planned from me, always a little bit nervous about injuring myself on the tow-in especially after seeing Steven do it before Holland.

Mattia: Yeah I will compete, but I am also a bit nervous because I hurt my ankle a few times doing it, but I have a new move that I will try... It's a kind of switch kono backloop...

After the competitions are over what are your winter plans?

Max: I'm off to Maui for six weeks, I will go straight from here to work on the new sail. I hope to catch some of the PWA Aloha Classic whilst I am there, it should be pretty cool to watch it live. After Christmas I'm off to cape town for a few months

Mattia: Yeah I will be at home for a short amount of time then I am soon off to Sao Miguel de Gostoso where Club Kauli has his centre in Brazil. I think I will stay there most of the winter and then go straight to Venezula

Boardseeker: What kit set-up do you take for tow-in and what kit set-up will you take if the winds are light and gusty here?

Max: Tow-in - 93l Skate and 4.4 Idol Ltd. If it's light and gusty I take 5.2 Idol Ltd with the 93 or 101l Skate. Fins I use a 17.5 no matter what and harness lines 32 inch.

Mattia: Tow-in - 93l Skate with the 4.4 Idol Ltd. For lighter, more gusty winds, I use my 5.2 Idol Ltd and sometimes my 5.6 Idol, usually with the 101l Skate. My fin I will use here is 19cm and 24 inch harness lines.