So competition saw its conclusion yesterday in Tenerife, and what a dramatic showdown it was.

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It was yet another windy day with a high tide, so big waves, the ladies were on 3.7 to 4.2 the men on 4.2 to 4.5.

There were rumours of Dany Bruch being whisked off to hospital after his final heat, however he was up and about so it seems like it was nothing too critical.

Ricardo Campello continued his charge from the previous day, knocking out traversa with another sick double and some great wave rides, not to mention a few epic pushloop forward crashes! He looked like he lost his composure a bit against Fernandez who was sailing like a competition machine, which helped him see off local boy Alex Mussolini with another clean double, which Alex lacked the power to match and a perfect wave 360. Mussolini looked underpowered and we could hear some choice language from where we sat!

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In the ladies the twins put on a great show with lots of kit changes and some nice big backies! Karin Jaggi and Steffi Wahl also had a great battle as the two team mates battled hard for the 3rd spot. In the end Karin took it with the biggest backie of the competition for the ladies.

The final was a bit flat, apart from the most insane stalled double of the competition by Koester. Unfortunately the best jump came through after the buzzer when, as if to show why he was world champion, Koester did a fully planing double then one handed one footed backloop on the next wave!!

Photos & words: & PWA World Tour/Carter