Like PWA Fuerteventura we have a man on the scene in Tenerife so we will be sure to bring you plenty of updates as they happen right here on Boardseeker. For now we have an overall report from yesterdays hectic training. Stay tuned for more.

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With no wind over the past month here in Tenerife yesterday saw the first really sailable conditions with most the men rigging up 4.7 and taking there slightly larger boards, it did also mean that the whole of the El Medano decided to hit the water at the same time, resulting in a pretty hectic warm up session.

Brawzinho and Campello were stand out sailors with massive backloops and some impressive wave riding. Local boy Adam Lewis also demonstrated that local knowledge could be the key as he flew into some massive backies of his own, always impressive but made more so by the fact that a few days earlier he had dislocated his knee whilst surfing! Local knowledge also saw Danny Bruch showing his stuff, and not to be left out Alex Mussolini was out early this morning.

It can't of course be forgotten that all eyes on the beach were firmly fixed on Koster when he launched and he didn't disappoint. Firing through some incredible wave rides, as if to remind the crowds that all though not a local he was not to be out done.

With a girls fleet of 20 there where plenty of ladies getting in on the action as well. More on that soon.

With a disappointing no result from Pozo there is everything to play for so if the forecast is correct with high wind and mast high waves we could be in for a real treat.

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