One of the nicest guys on tour and also pretty damn hot on a slalom board, Jordy Vonk has just signed to Fanatic/North for the coming year. We caught up with him for a few words.


BS: How was 2015?

JV: Let’s keep my year short ;-) Things didn’t go my way, in Holland I was sailing very good, internationally I had some back luck and didn’t make it happen. I’m young so I think you can learn from a year without great results. I’m hungry to do more and sure results will follow soon.


BS: About your transfer?

JV: I’m very happy with my change to North/Fanatic/ION. The first impression on the gear is amazing and without being used to the gear, I already sailed some very strong races here in Tenerife. With Marco Lang in the team who is helping me a lot and other great riders I feel thankful to the brands to give me this opportunity and can’t wait to show everybody in results how the performance is. I’ll now be in Tenerife for 3 months to get 100% fit and fully trimmed, after that I can’t wait for the PWA season to start. 2016 is gonna be exciting!


BS: Future plans?

JV: I’m finishing up the last details of my university and then I’ll be ready to 101% focus on my windsurfing career. All my plans? I don’t know yet, upcoming season I’ll be at every PWA and wanna do as many events as possible to keep the competition rhythm. I will see what future brings but I’m sure it will mostly be windsurfing ;-)