Multiple times PWA womens freestyle and slalom champion, Sarah Quita Offringa has received perhaps her highest accolade yet. Having accepted and received her new knighthood, Lady Sarah Quita is the first female windsurfer to ever gain such recognition. We caught up with Lady SQ to get the low down about her achievement, and of course a huge congratulations from us all at Boardseeker (and Boards).

"On the 1st of May I received a recognition for being 6 times world champion from the Aruban governor Fredis Refunjol with consent from Queen Beatrix of Holland.

I was knighted and am now a knight in the order of Orange Nassau. I was the youngest person to be knighted this year in the Netherlands.

It's quite special as this was the last time Queen Beatrix would give her consent for these recognitions as she has abdicated in favor of her son King Willem-Alexander.

My parents flew in from Holland, my brother was there, many friends as well as Aruban Parliamentarians including prime minister Mike Eman.

I gave a short speech and most of all have to thank God for blessing me with all of these achievements.

Furthermore everything I achieved up until now has been because of the input of so many people! Biggest thank you goes to my parents Ruud, Esther and my brother Quincy for being my role-models in everything they do.

I actually made it on national television as well with some freestyle footage so that was cool! It would be cool to get more exposure for the sport!

I have received a massive response to all of this and can't put in words how much I appreciate all of it!"