Boardseeker is currently on location in the Canaries and this week we are at the EFPT event in Lanzarote. We just published a news post featuring the organiser himself, Antxon Otaegui, you can check that out here.

For now conditions are light for the opening day but the forecast is promising for competition to start later today. In the meantime you can check out a few highlight photos from a firing Costa Teguise yesterday, where the competitors got to enjoy one hell of a warm-up session.

For updates from the event keep checking the last pages of this news post. We will post throughout the day.


The elimination ladder for the single is up, currently the wind is on the lighter side. The sun is trying to push through which could mean for competition to start soon.


13:00 - Local Time

The wind is still light but certainly building. We could be on for competition within an hour so stay tuned.


15:15 Local Time

The wind is light still but some gusts have allowed Mattia Fabrizi and those in the first heat to stick a few moves. Everyone is on edge to start with cameras everywhere.

Words from Adam Gavriel - "yeah it's light but if it is possible to start then we should give it a go, I hope we get a result here".


18:00 Local Time

With the wind barely providing enough for the competitors to get planning, the call has been made to abandon competition for today. An unusual forecast plagues the whole Canary Islands during the event dates and many are even quite astonished by it.

Despite this Steven Van Broeckhoven hit the water and managed to pump his way into backloops, culos and much more. We'll have a small gallery for you later.

"Yeah it was light winds but I could pump into moves, it was really on the edge but my 5.4 and new JP Freestyle was such a great combination that as soon as I got planning I just didn't stop." - Steven Van Broeckhoven