The JP Australia Young Guns Camp has just kicked off in Prasonisi, with 30 of the best up and coming freestyle riders looking to progress their skills with some of the world's best riders.

Day Two:

It took the 13 year old Russian Valentin Kostrov to teach the head coach of the Young Guns Camp Steve Chismar one important sentence: Nagero tiebe zade, I will kick your ass.

It took Timo and Baldouin Bee, two brothers from Germany, one day to learn the Volcan. There is only one big difference in this comparison: The Young Guns will move on to their next move tomorrow. Chismar will hardly remember the sentence. But fortunately the main language in the camp is English and the moves performed on this beautiful windy day in Prasonisi are an exotic mix of English, Spanish and Freestyle Gibberish.

Andy “Bubble" Chambers was surprised to hear from one of Tilos youngsters, David Schiebel from Austria, the move he intended to learn: Nothing less then the Air Funnell. This year's sailing standard is incredibly high. Actually it’s never been higher. German Niclas Nebelung, who learned the Vulcan at the Young Guns Camp just two years ago, sailed away from a Skopu and a mega Shaka on the windward side in the waves today. At sunset the pro coaches Bubble and Tilo were standing in the shore break with big smiles on their faces, when Tilo popped the news:

“Hey Bubble, what kind of advice am I gonna give these kids, when they are going to kick my ass in two years anyway?"

The wind machine is on for the 7th annual Young Guns Camp in Prasonisi. Over 30 highly motivated teenagers from all over Europe were welcomed with 30 knots of accelerating wind. Pro German Freestyler Tilo Eber is replacing Manuel Vogel this year. He is not only one of best Freestylers in the world, he is also an experienced windsurfing teacher taking over the high performance group of the up and coming pros and pro wanna-be pros.

Our second new coach is surf magazine tester Marius “Super Mario" from Sylt.

"I am so happy to be able to participate at this event", he admitted after his first awesome teaching day. He is in charge of seven 16 and 17 year old windsurfing beauties. Who wouldn’t be happy with this chore?

The Austrian Franky "Spider" Lewisch - also from the surf test team - as well as the German-American Steve Chismar (the new SUP ambassador and head coach) are just as happy to be instructing the young and motivated bunch.

After a warm-up session in the flat water in the morning, strong winds allowed an unbelievable head start in the waves. Six more days to go with over 30 hungry Young Guns waiting to show the action to the pro riders Andy "Bubble" Chambers and Worldchamp Steven Van Broeckhoven arriving tomorrow on Rhodes Island.