Yesterday saw the Luderitz canal light up in what may have been the most perfect conditions ever during the Luderitz Speed Challenge. As a result records were smashed and then smashed again and again.

The first was the German national record taken by Christian Bornemann with 50.20kts. Check that out here.

Next up was Karin Jaggi who smashed the Swiss women's speed record again and then again and then one more time. Looking ahead to today the forecast shows promise for a shot at the world record, which she is just one knot away from.

And last but by no means least, Antoine Albeau. The flying frenchman is totally on a charge and reached speeds in excess of 51kts several times, maxing out at 51.66. Again talk of is today where the wind is expected to be even stronger and we may well be on for an even bigger jump in the speeds.

If you want to follow the live speed updates then head on over to the Luderitz Speed Challenge facebook page right here.