What does it mean to be a windsurfer chasing competition results in this day and age? A question many of us perhaps think about but wouldn't really ask. Well if you were to find yourself blurting it out then this is probably about a good an answer as any. Join us as we go into the mind of Maciek Rutkowski who clocked top 20 results, on the world stage, in three different disciplines by the time he was 20. First check out a great gallery of shots then his video on the final page. Or you can jump straight to it by clicking here.

portrait Tommy della Frana


Tommy della Frana 5


360 sequence Andrzej Jozwik

Tommy della Frana 2


Andrzej Jozwik


“The winter is gone and it’s passed way to quick. I’ve spend all of the 4 months in Tenerife and it’s been great in terms of wind and waves. This little clip came out pretty spontaneous. It’s just made from a bunch of footage I managed to download of friends, mostly Bartek from BJ Productions whom I can’t thank enough for turning the camera once in a while, while filming for his commercial projects. The action starts at at 01:12 so if you don’t wanna hear me yapping, just fast forward till then. I went for a little 90s VHS style which I’ve been brought up on and really miss in todays windsurf videos. Music is by Pearl Jam and that particular song is as old as I am, so it’s kinda funny it’s among my favourites, but I love it nevertheless. Switch on HD, put the volume up and enjoy!" - Maciek