Brit Expat Maeli Cherel is back on the scene again! Check out this video she produced from her time in Brazil. Included is nothing short of epic moves, very painful looking crashes and some next level nudity. Reality TV meets windsurfing lifestyle, enough said, enjoy the show.

"Nothing fancy or serious but I had such a fun time there this year. I went back to Jericoacoara for 4 weeks in November, after 3 years away. It was an amazing trip - travelling to Camocim, Maceio, and other spots. This is just a short windsurfing clip of some good times we had... Enjoy!" - Maeli

The main riders are:

Maeli Cherel

Arrianne Aukes

James Hoare

Marco Lufen

Hugo Sousa

Adrien Beholtz

Maeli is sponsored by Severne and Sensi Bikini