Ok so we do our best to try and avoid copying and pasting blog updates onto here too much but this one from Ben Proffitt is cracking, how can we resist everyone's favourite PWA Commentator and his classic humour. Yes there is literally everything in this update, moves, crashes, lifestyle, lost keys, cows, nudity and more, read on...

Maui Wowie… and Maui not so Wowie!!

Well we couldn’t have timed it better… as after nearly a month of crap wind in Maui, we got straight off the plane and scored it right off the bat. A solid swell and good wind meant Hookipa was firing but due to my Shoulder (and me being a pussy) and with it being Justyna’s first time to maui, plus her 2nd -3rd time ever on Starboard tack i thought it would be best to go easy and sail Lower Kanaha.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 11.54.05

With there being such a big swell running it was still pretty big down there (Logo.. mast + sometimes) but it was super fun and great way to ease Ourselves in.. my shoulder wasn’t great but it was doing the job and so nice to be back on the water!

For the rest of this blog post and all the images we talked about above, head over to this link - benproffitt.com/maui-wowie-and-maui-not-so-wowie/