The Indian Ocean Windsurfing Championships, the title says it all. Paradise and challenge, what more could you want? Join some talented racers for a spectacular week of racing in Mauritius.

Boardseeker finds out more from the organisers about what they want to achieve with the event and why it is the ultimate slalom race for you to attend.


Project :

INTERNATIONAL : With the collaboration of the Australian & South African Windsurfing federation, the goal is to organise every year the Indian Ocean Windsurfing Championship. Mauritius being the centre point of the Indian Ocean, added to our perfect conditions of sailing makes it a logical spot to held this kind of venue. For the first year we will be concentrating on these two countries, but the final goal is to welcome teams from all over the world.


The Concept :

Inviting the champion of a country ensures that the best riders will follow to form the best possible team. The goal is to Create a sort of PRO/AM Team Championship where not only the countries nearby will come but also the nations like France, UK, Germany etc...

The Target :

Mauritius is well known around the world for its radical waves, but only a small percentage of riders have the level to enjoy these waves. Most of the riders enjoying more slalom and freeride conditions that our beautifull lagoons offers. The main goal of this event is to show the world that Mauritius is one of the best freeride spot in the world for windsurfing or any sailing sport.

The target is to have in a few years time more than 200 foreign riders and as many possible teams as possible with a worldwide exposure.