The Neilpryde brand continues to show its strength in the market place by recently winning the 2012 Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award for its Wizard sail. Below is what the brand had to say about their achievement.


"We are pleased to announce that the NeilPryde WIZARD windsurfing sail won the prestigious, international Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award for 2012.

This is great recognition for the brand and the design team of Robert Stroj and Jamie McLellan who worked on the sail design together with the 2011 Freestyle World Champion, Steven Van Broeckhoven.

The WIZARD is the ultimate sail for new-school freestyle windsurfing. It is designed to be explosive in order to provide the rider with power for complex freestyle maneuvers. The WIZARD is light, easy to handle and has a lot of drive. The sail is styled with NeilPryde's 2013 collection pattern that is printed on the inside of the laminate material for durability. The WIZARD features the breakthrough Forceline panels with radiating Kevlar filaments that act like cables on a suspension bridge – reducing weight and dispersing loads away from critical areas and into the body of the sail."