We are just putting the question out there. Should Formula be the new Olympic discipline? Or perhaps a hybrid of formula, slalom and RS:X?

After officially being crowned as 10X Formula National Champion, Dennis Littel of Holland would perhaps be a strong advocate of such a change. We haven't asked him but with the ability to get planing in as little as 6 knots and right on through to 35 knots plus, albeit a very bumpy ride at the latter end of that scale, Formula seems like quite an exciting alternative. Or perhaps the physical output of RS:X is what makes it more athletic and appealing to the values of the Olympic Committee. Whichever way you look at it there are pros and cons, so feel free to leave your thoughts below and let the discussion role.

No matter what is said, I'm sure everyone will join us in congratulating Dennis on his 10th title, of which you can share and enjoy his success by checking out this rather cool clip.