Having been with JP/NP for over 8 years, Yegor Popretinskiy has decided to make a big change in his career and sign to Fanatic/North. We caught up with him for the low down on why the sudden shift in brands and what his plans are for the future. Here's a quick classic interview with the man himself.


How many years were you with JP/NP? 2005-2013 – 8 years

Best results in that time? - 9th PWA Fuerteventura 2012 - 9th PWA Podersdorf 2011 - 8th PWA Overall 2009-2010 - 6th PWA Sylt 2009 - 5th PWA Lanzarote 2010 - 12th PWA Overall 2008 - 9th PWA Podersdorf 2008 - 6th EFPT Overall 2008 - 5th EFPT Vassiliki 2008 - 6th EFPT Tarifa 2008

Number of international photo-shoots you attended? 2010 – JP Maui photoshoot 2011 – JP and NP Maui photoshoot


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What was your reason for the move to Fanatic/North? It happened spontaneously. You already know that this spring my daughter was born, so I decided to stay at home to help the family. All winter I worked in a surf shop in my hometown, which stocked Fanatic/North/Ion as their major brands. Due to the fact that I decided to go to the competition in Austria they offered me support. I was very excited about this opportunity, because for me it was a new chance to get back into windsurfing. I wanted to work with the new gear and I think Fanatic/North/ION is the best choice to change for me! I always liked how they work, their high-tech equipment, management and the team. So I'm very happy to join the freestyle team of these great companies!


What kit have you ordered? All the range of North Sails Idol Ltd and Fanatic Skate TE. Also I got Fanatic TriWave 81. I hope that soon I can also order set of slalom gear and some wave sails.

Will you focus only on freestyle? Sure I will keep working on freestyle moves, but also I want to train on slalom gear to be faster and of course if I get the chance I want to improve my wave sailing and jumping skills.


You are spending a lot of time in Russia this summer, what's the plan? Yes, my wife (Masha) and I decided to move to Eysk, where the Aqua Leto sport hotel is based, for the whole summer. Last year they hosted the EFPT event and as I knew all the riders really like this place, it was not a hard decision and also one of the main priorities was a relaxing climate for our newborn daughter. The hotel offered us a job - Masha will hold fitness training and will offer the right diet guidance for guests, as well as hold two fitness camp. I will work as windsurfing instructor, train on tow-in as much as possible, and when the strong wind will blow I will train on the water and show a master-class for guests of hotel.

Future plans, trips and competitions... read on

What's your competition plans this year? I was already at the EFPT event in Austria and my 9th place there is already a good result after a six months break without windsurfing. Also I tried the new gear there and the first time I used it was during tow-in competition where I managed to make air funnel into funnel in the heat. It proved to me that my passion and skill is time proof and for sure the new Fanatic and North Sails freestyle gear certainly helped. I really want to compete in all EFPT and PWA events this year, but now I don`t have the opportunity to do it. I still need to find financial sponsors to travel and train more. The trip to Austria I already paid by myself and it is quite heavy for me. I hope that I can manage to come to Fuerteventura and Sylt as well as the indoor exhibition in Poland, which looks very exiting too.


Will we see the Popretinskiy family grow even more? Time will tell. We also want to have boy.

Any other projects/plans for 2014/2015? We are still thinking about what we will do this fall and winter, but one things is for sure, we certainly do not want to stay in Russia