Certainly not the fastest news day but we have plenty for you still. Firstly, the Phantom 295 is kicking up a bit of a stir lately. With the King's Cup currently underway in Thailand a full report and video for day 3 have been produced and released over on their website - click here. You can also check the clip out below.

Further to this the UK coach Sam Ross caught up with Remi Villa for a number of short videos about a few of the products coming out of the Starboard factory, including this technical review on slalom fins. Useful for just about everyone, it is well worth a watch.

Further news still from Starboard and their UK team rider, Jamie Drummond has been scoring mucho sessions in Malta. Not the norm for the pros to venture to over winter but it turns out he is hitting the water a lot more than you might expect. Check out the full blog post here.

Now for those that missed it the EFPT Centaur King of the Wind UK tour stop event video has now been released to the public. Prviously only viewable on our headline video player on the front page it is now free for all. Check out the nice cut by our very own Alfie Hart.

Last of the videos this morning comes in the form of a fun filled edit. This is what it is like to meet up with your friends on a windy day at the best spot in the world, well for them anyway. We like it and if you feel motivated to create your own clip then be sure to send it our way and we'll see about getting it up on here.

Actually, we do have one more clip for you but it is just a short one. The pushloop into forward is well known as a move that the real big names pull out of the bag in spots like Pozo for the final rounds of a World Cup event, well here is one from someone else. What do you think, a claimer, balls of steel?

That's it for this morning, join us later for more.