Anyone making the most of the conditions in Portland on Sat 8 Dec may have been mildly concerned when they were passed by Batman (maxed out on his 6m) closely followed by Superman and Captain America! Don’t worry, you were not hallucinating.

Just over two years ago Army Major and Tushingham/Starboard sailor Allan Cross underwent a quadruple heart bypass. Less than six months later he was dubbed “Miracle Man" after defying his doctors by not just competing in, but winning the Forces Open Windsurfing Championships. From that day on Allan has continued to live life to the max on and off the water as the organiser of the Fat Face National Windsurfing Festival. He recently dropped to one knee, not to have a heart attack, but to ask his girlfriend Linda to marry him. Surprisingly she agreed which left Allan with one problem - the stag doo!

There was only one way this could go: it was time for a Superhero windsurfing and it was going to take all weekend!

Saturday provided perfect blasting conditions as the superheroes did battle from dawn until dusk in Weymouth harbour. 35 knots plus dressed in costumes with fake muscles, a cape and mask is interesting to say the least!

Sunday morning saw most of the superheroes nursing hangovers that would kill a mere mortal after a serious night out in Weymouth (even if the best man did forget to book a venue for dinner). After a quick debate it was decided that a road trip was in order and Kimmeridge was the venue of choice. Another big day was had, however costumes remained in the vans as conditions were testing and fake muscles could be a bad plan in mast high waves!

It was an epic weekend and a fitting way to send Allan on his road to married life. He and Linda will be tying the knot on 5th Jan 2008, so all the best to Mr & Mrs Miracle!

PHOTOS from top: Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman, SuperHeros and Allan Cross!

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