The NeilPryde RS:Racing sail has been dominating racing over the last couple of season and after thorough testing the design team had almost no complaints. Just 2 sails from the whole range needed some subtle changes, the 6.2 and 6.7, key sizes in any slalom quiver.

The design brief was to soften the sails and improve the top end control and handling. This was achieved by creating a finer entry in the lower sail, whilst also reducing the luff curve to "smooth out" the power. On top of this, there are UltraCams, reduced mid-leech surface area, flexhead configuration and much more.

What does any of this mean? Well probably it means another PWA slalom title for Antione.

For more information check out the RS:Racing website. All sails are made to order so see your dealer today to order yours.

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