With the 2008 Olympics just around the corner every RS:X event is important for both training and form indication. The Singapore Airlines event followed the World Championships this year in New Zealand and whilst not all the top players took part, it will give a good boost to the 2 winners in the run up to the summer games.

Nikos Kaklamanakis is no stranger to the podium, taking Gold in Atlanta 1996 and then Silver in Athens 2004. A win here will give him even more confidence as the summer approaches.

In the women\'s the 21 year old Marina Alabau took the gold and looks to be a good hope for Spain in the summer. As one of the youngest in the women\'s fleet she may lack the necessary experience, but with her current strong form she could be the one to watch.

The next major competition will be the European Championships in France in May and will most likely be the last event for most before the all important Olympics in Quigado, China.

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