The 1st National Open in El Yaque finished with a more than positive balance. Single eliminations complete in Freestyle for Juniors, Men and Women, Slalom races, Samba concerts and bbqs...

The freestyle eliminations stayed as we reported previously, with Gollito winning the men, Yoli de Brendt the Women and Deivis Peternina the juniors (quite impressive Paternina, as he has only been sailing for 13 months and was doing Switch Stance Chachoo, Flaka Diablos, Esliders... we\'ll keep an eye on him). Cheo Diaz was specially on form. After changing sponsors, it seems like his motivation is back, and beating solidly the several times Freestyle World Champ Ricardo Campello in the semis (with no hand Flakas CaƱa Brava, one handed Burners, etc...), it places him as one solid candidate for this season World title.

Ricardo took the Slalom win over Gollito Estredo (in second) and Andre Paskowski (in third). It was a good fight between the freestylers, who beat the multiple Venezuelan Slalom Champion Alexis Carache. Maybe this will motivate them to join the PWA Slalom Tour and we can see some new faces on the fleet.

Results : Freestyle Men 1. Gollito Estredo (Fanatic/ North Sails/ ION) 2.Cheo Diaz ( RRD/Simmer) 3. Andre Paskowski (Fanatic/ North Sails/ ION)

Freestyle Ladies 1. Yoli de Brendt (Fanatic/ North Sails/ ION) 2. Rosmary Rodriguez 3. Zoe Najim

Freestyle Juniors 1. Deivis Paternina 2. Luis Carillo 3. Douglas Edoardo

Slalom Men 1. Ricardo Campello (JP/Neilpryde) 2. Gollito Estredo (Fanatic/ North Sails/ ION) 3. Andre Paskowski (Fanatic/ North Sails/ ION)

Photo Credit: Tom de Brendt