Last weekend, at the JibeĀ“s Windsurfing Center in Mui Ne, Vietnam, the 9th edition of the Vietnam Cup took place.

The wind was light through the whole event, but enough to still be able to run the event. Obviously, the conditions were perfect for the light vietnamese sailors to be ahead of the rest. Nguyen Than Dong took the vistory in condition of just 3 to 10 knots. They also had a women division. Kerstin Reiger made the most of the light wind and won the girls event.

RESULT MEN: 1. NGUYEN THANH DONG Vietnam 2. Joshua CHOO Singapore 3. NGUYEN NGOC BONG Vietnam 4. Csiga BALAZS Hungary 5. Chris PRESSLER Austria 6. NGUYEN QUOC HOA Vietnam 7. TC CHUA Singapore 8. TRUONG MAI CUONG Vietnam 9. TRUONG KY TAI Vietnam 10. Philippe GAILLE Switzerland

RESULT WOMEN: 1. Kerstin Reiger Austria 2. Deborah KHOO Singapore 3. Hsin El CHUA Singapore 4. Naomi TAN Singapore 5. Denise GEHRIG Switzerland 6. Fiona CHEONG Singapore 7. Corine SENECHAL France 8. Elizabeth NG Singapore

Photo Credit: Severne Sails