Today the wind was blowing in a slightly different direction so the head judge decided to change the location of the event to Little Hookipa, where they run some more heats of the double elimination.

In the first heat they run, we saw Skye doing some nice airs and even a perfect goiter, but somehow it wasn\'t enough to get through. Neither did Scott McKercher. Ross Williams and Cape Verde specialist Kai Katchadourian advanced instead.

The second heat was Dani Bruch, Alex Mussolini, Caste and Mitu Monteiro. Conditions were hard and difficult, but Musso did the best of it and advanced together with Caste (who came from the trials).

Next heat saw an incredible Traversa ripping his way through to the next round. Also Brown got a place in the next heat by winning Ceballos on a split decition.

In the fourth heat of the day, Musso was inspired. He threw some takas and a goyta from the most critical part of the wave. This gave him the heat win, with Katchadourian in second.

Some big names said good bye to the comp in the next one: Pritchard and Fernández. Traversa won clearly and Browne sneaked into second.

In the last heat of the day, Katchadourian proved his experience on the wave and advanced together with wonder Mussolini, who got a 9 on a wave.

Photo Credit: PWA/J.Carter