RYA coach Ian Roberts has joined the sSs Windsurf Team, and will also be sponsored by RRD Boards and Ezzy Sails.

Ian is well known as a coach, training people to improve their sailing skill, from One Design to beginner gear. He is a keen Freestyler and you can see him often practicing new moves at West Kirby.

Wouter Ardern, Managing Director of SeaSprite Sport pointed out how in the last couple of years a lot of the magazine testers and coaches have chosen RRD as their personal board, combined to Ezzy sails, due to their performance, ease of use and build quality.

Ian\'s choice is a RRD Twin Tip 90, and the 2008 Ezzy Wave SE quiver. He admits that with his experience on a lot of different boards, RRD was the easier board to use, and that they match the Ezzy Sail performance, with its enormous range and strong construction.


Photo Credit: sSs Windsurf