Martin Ten Hoeven, has moved on to another concept of team, changing from the big North sails team, to a more compact and personal company on Point-7 sails.

The Dutch wave sailor is super happy with his decision, as now he will be part of a team where he can be involved in the development of the gear. To be part of this team and to be involved in the development of the gear, will help him to reach the goals he is looking for. He has taken part in the PWA contest for a while, looking quite hard to beat in on-shore conditions (he beat Peter Volwater in Sylt last year), and he is sure that this change will help him to improve his results. He is going to take part in some events around northern Europe, and he is determine to take the Dutch wave Champion title. He will also participate in some more Slalom events, and will be working together with Andrea Cucchi.

Photo Credit: Point-7