Dave White has held the UK record for something like 10 years until last week. Whilst Antione smashed the overall record with a run of 49.09, Farrel Oshea had the day of his life to grab the record off Whitey with a run of 44.34.

Whitey however is probably the most competitive man in the world and taking his title was all the motivation he needed to step up his sailing. Today according to the unofficial GPS speed he took the record back with 45.14. We wait to see if it becomes official. If it is, it will be the UK record and the UK water record.

There could also be a new Irish record if the GPS measurements are right. Timo blasted down the course with a personal best of 40.77, just 0.33 quicker than the previous record.

Again all these speeds are unofficial so stay tuned or check the Driven by Speed website.

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