Today promised to be different on the island of Cape Verde. A huge swell was forecast and there was much excitement amongst the sailors. Swift, Ross and Polakow were even seen preparing a jet ski for a big tow surf session should the wind not blow. However as most sailors woke up at the crack of dawn there was major disappointment. No waves at all. Many sailors travelled far and wide in search of something, but returned frustrated.

So the sailors spent another day on hold waiting. With only 8 guys still left in the comp, most of the remaining fleet have jumped ship and are heading back home. Not that there is anything wrong with the island, but after losing most don\'t like to hang around.

The forecast for tomorrow isn\'t too promising, but there is a chance that a slight change in the swell direction could see the swell break on the point and competition would be on.

Stay tuned to see what the weather brings.

Photo Credit: jc/pwa