Speed is so hot right now!!!! It has just been confirmed that Timo Mullen equalled the Irish Speed Record going at 40,44 knots, the same speed than the current one hold by John Kenny. Timo knew he was going really fast (he was only on 4,7m Severne Red Code, what shows how hard the conditions were), but he had to wait all week for the confirmation from the WSSRC. It took a while for the WSSRC to confirm it. The day of the run the weather was pretty miserable, with loads of rain that made really difficult to get good video footage from the sailors, which is necessary for the official confirmation, but finally it could be confirmed. Now John Kenny and Timo Mullen need to fight to get ahead in the Irish Speed Record competition. With this new achievement, the Driven by the Wind event at “the Ray", in Southend, is getting all the attention from the speed sailors.

Photo Credit: driven by the wind