Grasshopper porridge is an instant porridge in a pot that you can eat anywhere. Just add hot water and you have a filling and healthy snack to recharge you energy levels. It is fully certified organic by the Soil Association and being available in 3 different flavours means its tasty as well as healthy.

The brand was formed by sisters Abigail and Fleur. Abigail is a die-hard surf head so knows how great the product is for windsurfers. So far they have 2 top teamriders in the form of Jem Hall and UK champion John Hibbard and they both give it a massive thumbs up. The product has also been found at loads of UK events in the last year and the Boardseeker News Team can vouch for the great tasting product.

Its available in Cinnamon & Raisin, Coconut & Date and Chocolate. For more information including where to buy, check out

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