Weekend Fun in Fuerte! Ben Proffitt reports from Sotavento beach:

A lighter wind day here in Sotavento, but still perfect for slalom. It started off stronger in the morning, but dropped off a little later in the afternoon after the 45 knots of the previous couple of days. The guys are using 6.5m to 7m\'s and today it was Micah Buzainis who won Round 2 but then Dunkerbeck won Round 3 so he is still leading overall after winning Round 1 on Saturday. Karin Jaggi has slipped into second as slalom veteran Valerie Ghibando had a much better day and now leads the women’s.

The UK ’s Dan Ellis was cooking in the first elimination despite a nasty wipe-out on Saturday in his heat leaving him with bruised ribs and 3 stitches on his toe. He came 5th in the Round 2 final ahead of some tasty competition.

Dan Ellis: "I unrolled my 6.5m Naish Stealth yesterday and it\'s the best sail I have ever used!! Today I smoked two of my all time windsurfing hero\'s: Dunkerbeck and Albeau… not bad hey?"

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