The Guiness Book of Records has officially recognised Simon Kloostra\'s "longest distance windsurfed in 24 hours". Simon set the record last year after attempting to beat a 286km record set by Luke Wiggleworth.

Luke original set the GPS record when he took part in a 120 Nmile yacht race from Auckland to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Simon however was determined to beat it and sailed from 9 in the morning to 19.45 at night. He took short breaks every 50km and despite having to re-rig 280 km through the challenge he made it past the record and pushed it up to 311km.

The record will now go in the Guiness book of records next to the "longest distance windsurfed" record of 8,120km set by Flavio Jardim and Diogo Guerreiro. They admittedly took 2 months for there record, but it is still an outstanding achievement.

Maybe the upcoming Bournemouth to Brighton event can be extended a little further this year?

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