It seems the world has been busy making movies over the last few weeks so to keep you entertained here are a pick of the best.

Mattia Pedrani is best known for pulling off some of the craziest freestyle moves at Lake Garda, in the winter, wearing full drysuit, boots, gloves and hat. This video shows more of the same, plus some obviously more tropical locations too. Very impressive stuff and we think he will make more of an impact this year on the tour. Click here.

Vicky Sanchez entered her first PWA event last year, but due to a few nerves didn\'t really sail to her full potential. However she has not been demotivated and spent the winter in Jericoacoara, Brazil. Clearly she is ripping and if she can sail as good as that in contests, she should be quite a threat. Click here to check out all her movies.

Martin Ten Hoeve, otherwise known as Lambie, spent his first winter at home in 6 years and despite the weather being colder than he was used to the conditions were great. When you see Lambie in the flesh he is massive. He must be close to 7ft tall and be carrying a fair few kilos. However watch him sail and he looks like one of the freestyle kids. Very impressive sailor and has already had some good wins at PWA level. Click here.

Lastly we have one for the future. Bernd Roediger is only 11 years old but is already sailing Hookipa with both confidence and style. With his 3.2 being his most used sail, almost every wave is over mast high, and we have seen him catching waves that would probably be over double. No fear and a go for it attitude will mean this kid has to go along way. Click here.

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